short breaths.


I'm a sensitive soul.
I enjoy the little things in life;
My cats, yoga, iced chai & coffee,
beautiful women, creating art,
and good conversations.
I'm quirky and outgoing.
I have a beautiful, loving girlfriend
and I live in Las Vegas, NV.
I have many dreams, hopes and goals for my future.
I'd like for you to be a part of them.

Watch them unfold here.
or Ashlee Flaig Photography

Took Mary on a date tonight!

This place was actually really tasty. Neither of us had been to Create before tonight, but we both enjoyed it! :)
I like how these little chain places are giving you more options and allowing you to create the perfect meal for you. You pretty much get to pick everything you want from the bun to the sauce. It was really fun in there too. The atmosphere was really relaxed. Mary and I even asked for coloring pages and acted like little kids coloring while waiting for their food.  

  1. nakedwomeninthesea said: create is soooo good!
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